Visit “Art on edge”-website which has a comprehensive listing and guide to all the major art pieces found in Nakskov   There are many beautiful artistic things to see in Nakskov and it applies both center and on the fringe of the town. Some of the attractions you can se below, which you can find […]

  Nakskov Multi Park is a lovely concrete park, that contains the most basic obstacles. The park besides has  a street basket area. Nakskov Multi Park had its official opening the 10th of April 2014. The park has been in progress for about a year, and was built in about 6 months. A cozy park […]

Nakskov is the largest city on Lolland and thus you will find the most shops and stores here. Besides 7 supermarkets for getting your daily groceries – the main shopping street is called Søndergade, where you will find a multitude of different stores, also carrying specialities, local products and other inspiring goods. When exploring the […]

Nakskov is a charming old danish town from the 1200s in the southern part of Denmark, located at the end of the unique nature park Nakskov Bay, which has the most amount of islands of any, in Denmark. The town received trade privileges in 1266, during the reign of king Erik 5. Glipping. Once the export […]