Art in Nakskov

Visit “Art on edge”-website which has a comprehensive listing and guide to all the major art pieces found in Nakskov


There are many beautiful artistic things to see in Nakskov and it applies both center and on the fringe of the town.

Some of the attractions you can se below, which you can find in the center of Nakskov.

The goose-square 

The goose-square is one of the oldest squares in Nakskov. The Goose-square is yet first created in 1955, where the southern part of Freuchensgade was demolished. The name of the street was orgiginally Kogade.

The statue of Victor Cornelins

Victor Waldemar Cornelins (August 3, 1898, Frederiksted, St. Croix – 17 December 1985 Nakskov) was the first African-american in Denmark. He was Danish teacher, musician, singer and lecturer and is still a known personality in Nakskov.


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